where there is light darkness has to hide – my postpartum depression story

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Talking about it felt like lighting a candle in a dark room.

where there is light

March 2014.

A gift. In the form of a perfectly beautiful 9lb 9oz  baby boy.  Our third.  Joy.  Unimaginable joy.  The feeling of accomplishing something that doesn’t seem humanly possible.  A 40 week journey ending with the birth of a beautiful baby boy full of life.  I’ve heard grace is defined as a gift you’ve received that you don’t deserve.  And grace I’ve been given.

I’ve done this 3 times now.  Each time has ended with the same intense joy and sense of accomplishment.

However, this time was different.  It seemed like the joy disappeared a little quicker.  Not long after his birth, things seemed to be more difficult than previous times.  I mean, sure I now had 3 little people who needed me almost all of the time.  But it just felt harder than it seemed it should.  I was exhausted.  But you almost never get a full night of sleep with a newborn in your home, so exhaustion should be expected, right?  But this was different.  It was so hard to pull myself out of bed and start my day.  I would self-talk my way out from under the covers.  “You have to do this, they need you”.  But the thought of getting dressed was nearly impossible, so I would just stay in pajamas, and have the goal of showering and dressing by 5pm before my husband came home, so it looked like I had it together.  I could do that.  I could “look” like I had it together.  I could “talk” like I had it together.  10 months later and this scenario was still like it was with a newborn.  I could sleep for 10 hours and never feel rested.

“I just didn’t feel like me.”  I said those words a lot in the beginning. Jayden and I would talk about mentioning something to the midwife.  But as each appointment came, I would feel okay.  More like me.  So there was no need.

Life resumed.  I would stand in front of my bed in the morning with all my clothes laying on my bed.  Frozen.  I’m typically a fairly decisive person.  But I just couldn’t make a decision.  Sure, I just had a baby, and my body doesn’t just bounce back to it’s pre-baby form, and my clothing options were a bit more limited.  But it was more than that. I literally lost the ability to make decisions.

My husband started getting groceries more and more often until it became a regular item on his weekly to-do list.  I was just so grateful to have one less thing to do.  But it was the groceries that made me realize something was wrong.  One day we needed groceries, and I said I could get them.  But in reality, I couldn’t.  3 days.  3 days saying I would get them, trying to plan the trip in my mind,  and finding random bits of food in the cupboards to create meals for my family.  Planning how I could stretch it out one more day.  The thought of grocery shopping might as well have been the thought of climbing Mount Everest.  I wasn’t grateful that he was taking away one more thing from my to do list.  I was grateful that I didn’t have to climb the mountain.  I was grateful I could avoid the exhaustion, the intense weight this trip had become for me.

There were many times over the year that I would say the words, “I think I need to talk to someone”.  Jayden would agree, and ask me if I would call the doctor the next day.  The next day would come, and I would feel okay again and brush all those anxious feelings aside, until the next time all the little things became too much to bear.

One morning the boys had appointments which required the entire family packing up and heading out of the house early.  I was angry.  I didn’t say much.  But anyone could have read my face.  There was no hiding the rage.  Jayden asked what was going on.  I don’t think I answered.  If I did, it would have been a quiet “nothing”.  I know that my internal dialogue was searching for an answer.  “What is wrong?, why are you so angry?, what is your problem?”  I couldn’t find an answer.  There didn’t seem to be one.  There never. seems. to be one.  We arrived home and he left for work.  Telling me he was afraid to leave me alone.  I assured him I was fine.  I was fine because I have gotten so good at “faking it”.  I would fake it all day, everyday with the boys.  Singing songs, walking them to the park, playing, pretending I was happy.  By the time Jayden came home from work, I was done.  Ready to be real again.  Angry.   Exhausted to the point of being ready to turn in for the night at 5pm.  That particular evening, I was sitting in the tub.  He came in and asked in a ‘walking-on-eggshells’ manner, “What is going on with you?”  I mumbled, “I don’t know”. I really had no idea.  Coming up with words to describe how I felt seemed like an impossible feat.  A single tear rolled down my cheek.  He asked if I could talk to a friend.  I mumbled, as if the very act of speaking hurt, in a monotone, “no, there’s no one to talk to.  Everyone has their own stuff.  I don’t want to burden anyone”.  This voice in my head kept playing like a broken record, “You’re worthless.  You suck at everything you do, why bother working towards anything.  You have no one.  You’re disgusting.  You can’t do anything.”  When at the very same time, I knew that a week ago, I was on top of the world dreaming up business plans, and plans for our future.  What was wrong with me?  I knew I just wasn’t me. But I had no idea.

Jayden placed his hand on my back.  I sat emotionless with tears rolling down my cheeks.  As if there was this girl inside me crying and begging for help, stuck inside a stone face.  I was numb.  Jayden placed his arms around me and prayed.  He prayed and prayed and begged God to help me realize His love for me, begged God to help me find a friend to talk to.

The next day I met with a dear friend who I felt confident I could trust enough to share these feelings with.  Talking about it felt like lighting a candle in a dark room.  I felt better.

The next morning I made an appointment with my doctor and was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression.  She suspected I’ve been struggling with this for at least 10 months.  Looking back, I think my entire family has been struggling with this for at least 10 months.  I didn’t feel sad, or like I wanted to harm myself or my children.  So I just kept brushing it aside.

I had no idea. The anxiety.  The kind of anxiety that grips your throat all day long because you know you have to go somewhere that night.  The kind of anxiety that forces you to create lists everyday because you don’t think you can get through a day without one, because the last time you didn’t live by a list, it was a bad day.  The kind of anxiety that causes you to pace around your kitchen looking for something to eat, but not even your most favourite meal seems at all appealing.  But you make that meal because you know you should eat, and you know it’s good for you.  And then you take 2 bites of that delicious salad and just can’t stand to eat another bite.  The kind of anxiety that throws you into compulsive organizing and reorganizing cupboards and drawers and spaces because you just. NEED. space.

Somehow having 3 kids became my excuse for calling all of this “normal”.  I was under the impression that this was just “normal”.  Meanwhile, my life as I knew it was on the brink of extinction.  This disorder was effecting everything around me.  Friendships, my marriage, my life with my precious children.

Jayden and I began assessing our year.  2014 had been a very difficult year.  The greatest gift of 2014 was our beautiful boy.  He was our silver lining.  He brings me joy everyday.  For that, I am so grateful.  By God’s grace, my favourite part of each day is spending time with the boys.  Teaching them, answering questions, giving and receiving hugs and cuddles and bedtime prayers.

I had no idea.  I had no idea that what I was experiencing wasn’t normal.  In Author Andrew Solomon’s TedTalk, he states that depression isn’t a loss of happiness, but a loss of vitality.  How true.  In 2014 I lost vitality.  But my plan has been to light thousands of little candles and brighten the room in 2015 and take back what was stolen from me and my family.  My healing journey began with seeking medical support.  My healing became stronger with a cocktail of medication and psychotherapy.  I feel like me again.  And I feel strong enough now to share this journey, and to move forward and give each day moving forward the BEST of me.

I plan to share the keys to my personal healing journey in the following weeks and months.  I do hope that you follow along, if not to bring strength to your own personal well-being, to at the very least be sensitive and supportive in the well-being of someone you may know.

Because where there is light.  Darkness has to hide.


a daily obession with burlap & lace

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I was sitting on the beach in Cuba packing in a years worth of reading into 5 days.  It’s unbelievable how much you can read and dream when you’re all alone with nothing on your agenda except claiming the best chairs on the resort at 5am. I was dreaming of creating my own natural skin care line.  I was already making things on my own at home, and it was so good!  Why not make a business out of it.

Not long after this trip, my husband came home from a night out with the guys, and was telling me that his farmer friend was using a natural deodorant that our friend was making for their new business Burlap & Lace.

Backstory:  I have been looking for a natural deodorant for years! After my mother went through breast cancer, her oncologist advised that she stay away from deodorant because of the risks.  Ummmm… I think that’s a good enough sign that we should ALL stay away from it. no?  So begins the mission to find something natural, that WORKS.  I was about ready to give up my battle and return to my strawberry scented chemical stick.  So this news of the farmer swearing by our friend’s “Pit Stop” had me curious.

We tried it and have never turned back.  In fact, I started to try other products this sister team creates that I also fell in love with.  Like Sweet Cheeks, and Lavendar Patch, and Peppermint Lip Balm.  So instead of starting my own skin care line, I just became a customer, and then worked with this sister team to create an online presence, because the world needs to know about this stuff!  It’s AMAZING! I haven’t gone a day without these products in 2 years.  You can learn more about how to get covered by Burlap & Lace here!

Do you or someone you know have a product that needs a dynamic online presence?  Amie Leigh Artistry would LOVE to help you out!


how to keep productive

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Hatto_001I seem to keep getting asked the same question over and over again lately.

“How do you do it all?”  

Okay.  First of all.  I don’t.  I just simply don’t. I’m a work from home mom with 3 kids under 5.  I’m the first second to admit I have a full plate, and something needs to go.  I just haven’t figured out what yet.  Well…on second thought,  Maybe I have, but I’m just not ready to throw in the towel.  Anyways.  Some of you have it all together.  I’ve seen your houses.  I’m saying your name in my head right now.  And I don’t know how you do it.  Sometimes I get completely overwhelmed and feel like I’m crazy for even thinking I can do 1 thing, let alone the 10 billion things I feel need doing.

How is someone supposed to remember to call someone back?  Or to respond to an email? or create the email? pay the bills? go to the appointment? Or remember what to clean when? Or remember the giant list of household fix-ups you’d like to do? Or when everyone’s birthdays are?

Back in the fall, after a more laid back than normal summer with a pretty relaxed routine if a routine at all, I found it challenging (to say the least) to keep my life organized and show up at all the right appointments at the right locations at the right times.  There were times I was not showing up at all, and other times I was showing up a whole week earlier.  And those are just appointments.  I’d have “to do” lists written out EVERYWHERE.  and could never find them when I needed them.  I’m stressing out just thinking about this.  I just had a hard time keeping it all together and accomplishing the task that had to be done.

Into my life walks my saving grace, my companion, the one that promised to keep my life organized, and together, and enable me to just breathe easy again.

The Bullet Journal.

I was researching tote bags.  To keep my life organized.  When a bunny-trail led me all the way to YouTube video about the Bullet journal.  I watched and studied that video, and almost couldn’t sleep because I was so excited to go out and purchase all my supplies and get started.

It’s been 6 months using this system.  It works!  I don’t use it every single day.  But when I do use it, I feel like my mind is free and clear of clutter.  Here’s why!

  1. The index.  Oh the index!  Need to look back to February to see what you did then?  Gone are the days of flipping through pages, or sticky notes.  Flip to page one, find February, and BAM. I love having an index so much that I’ve carried the index over into my journal.  This is going to save me SO much money!  Instead of starting a brand new journal every time I have a separate thought that doesn’t belong in my current journal.  I can just index my topic.  and keep everything in one journal!
  2. The task lists.  I can now organize monthly tasks, I can organize household tasks, and event tasks, and easily locate them using the index.  I can also use this as a reference.  For example, what did I buy everyone for Christmas last year?  Easy, it’s on my Christmas list page.
  3. Dumping your brain.  At any given point in time I have at least 1, 716 thoughts and ideas flying through my brain.  I know this, because my husband will ask me what I’m thinking.  And I laugh as I recall the last 2 minutes of thoughts.  It takes me about 10 minutes to explain my thought pattern.  This journal allows me to dump my thoughts, my events, and my tasks all in one place.  Once they are written down on paper.  I don’t have to remember it anymore.  The Bullet Journal does all the remembering for me.  I don’t have to worry about where that hot pink sticky note went to with that important phone number went.  It’s always in my trusty Bullet Journal.

Some of my friends get a kick out of how excited I get about this thing.  But HONESTLY!  Where have you been all my life BJ?  And I know some of you in my world that are making plans to get your supplies right now.  Am I right?
Go to the bullet journal website, pick up a notebook, and start yours today!  Let me know if it feels like a little bit of sweet grace added to your life.



This here is what sets this journal apart from all other journals. The index and legend key.


I love that you can quickly look at your month at a glance, and your monthly tasks. (As you can see the ceiling fans keep getting migrated to future months – I’m short – ceiling fans are challenging for me – don’t look up when you come over)


You can write down all your daily tasks, events, thoughts, ideas, in one spot.  This is SO HUGE for me.  It’s been so freeing to just write down the thoughts floating around in my head, and know they are somewhere safe where I can easily find them.



We live in a very old home.  There is a LONG list of things we would like to do with this space.  The list is forever being added to.  But now the list is right here!  I can see what needs to be done, prioritize and budget the items in.


and this!  So much fun.  I saw this in December and thought it would be good to try.  A great way to set aside about $1500 over the course of a year.  For whatever.  A trip, gifts.  We have been budgeting a month at a time, so we just move the months worth of money into a high interest savings account.  That way it’s out of sight, out of mind.  And it’s all being recorded and check off in my handy dandy bullet journal!

Do you have a a favourite tool that keep you feeling peaceful and all sorted out?

3 rules for discipline

It’s important to be in agreement and have boundaries and rules for the way you discipline.  Whether you are flying solo, or have a partner in this parenting journey, I believe it’s essential to communicate and write down your personal plan for discipline and ask yourself : Where do you draw the line?  What is unacceptable?  Having this tool will hold you accountable when you’ve reached your brink, and when your  Ugly Red Button gets pushed.

We are NOT perfect parents (far from it), and are still learning and adding to our toolbox every day.  Unfortunately, some of these amazing rules get broken.  But they are there, and in place, and I know when I need to apologize to my little people for crossing the line we said we won’t cross.

In our house we have 3 Rules we’ve gathered in our almost 5 short years of parenting that we keep in our back pocket. (Yes, just three to offer up so far – we’re still learning as we go – waiting for that instruction manual to turn up – until then – we just do the best we can with what we have)

Rule #1: Don’t React, Respond!
Speak with love.  If you are too angry to respond with the love and respect you yourself would deserve if you were in those little shoes, take a time out.  Find somewhere you can just take a few breaths, perhaps a splash of cool water on your face, or maybe even just a good cry on your bed, revisit the situation when you know you can respond and model to those little people “self-control”.

Rule #2: Be Realistic and Offer Choices
Don’t make impossible threats.  “If you don’t eat all of your supper, you won’t get supper for a week”.  Well, that’s not realistic.  They know they’ll be joining you at the dinner table for another roast to refuse the very next night.  (We actually have very great little eaters who eat up all their brussel sprouts and asparagus on a regular basis, but mix a whole bunch of things in a creamy casserole, and it’s THE end of the world.)
Be realistic and if you’re going to take something away, try to make it a natural consequence.
“I see you’re having a hard time settling into bed this evening, your choices are to settle in with bunny and blanket now, or mommy and daddy will take bunny and blanket for the night, which do you choose?”
“It looks like you’re not really into your dinner tonight.  We have a yummy dessert prepared for you.  Your choices are to finish your supper and enjoy your dessert, or you can decide to be done with dinner and have no dessert, what do you choose?”
My favourite for grumpy little people.
“We want to have a happy time with you, but you aren’t seeming too happy at the moment.  You can stay with us and be happy, or you can go to your room, which do you choose?  Happy? or bed?”
By offering choices, you’re giving your child the power to make a choice.  So when they continue to not eat the rest of their dinner, they’ve communicated “no dessert”.  When they are still being a little monkey jumping on the bed, they’ve chosen to miss out on having they’re favourite blanket to sleep with.  When they are still being grumpy, they’ve chosen to be alone away from the rest of the group.
Let’s face it.  You may think you’re in control, but the only one that controls me, is me.  Soon enough, the only person that controls these little people, will be themselves!  I want to train them up to have the ability to make great choices for themselves!

Rule #3: Don’t Belittle The Offender
Remember the shame that comes with getting in trouble in front of someone else? The embarrassment? The ridicule?
Don’t squash someone’s spirit to make a point.
We need to remember that these little people haven’t lived all the life you have.  There’s a world to discover.  They are learning each and everyday how to do life.  Treat them with love and respect, even when you feel they don’t deserve it.  My best lessons have been learned through receiving grace rather than being shamed.  I know it’s easier said than done.  But sometimes it’s just a matter of having the tools to ponder on, so that at least you can go back and apologize when you’ve wronged your own child.

Does your family have Rules that hold you accountable?



pregnancy – the stover belly

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AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos002

It’s looking a little wintery outside.  So let’s remember a short time ago when everything was green and full of life!

I had the great privilege and honour to meet this beautiful couple about 7 years ago, when my soon-to-be husband was introducing me to all of his meaningful friends.  Seth and Jayden met in Bible School at Capenwray Harbour about a decade ago.  He shared with me how Seth had this crazy plan to make Renae “his”.  It included a first date in the city complete with a horse-drawn carriage.  While his friends at school thought he was crazy for spending his life savings on a first date, his plan worked.  Seth knew Renae was worth it, and Renae knew she had her prince charming.

Fast forward about a decade, and this gorgeous couple are happily married and expecting their first baby.  I was delighted when Renae contacted me about capturing this time in their lives.  It’s so wonderful when time can pass between friends, and when you re-connect, it’s like no time has gone by at all.

These two have since welcomed there gorgeous prince charming into their lives!  And as I imagine, can’t imagine life without him.  It’s fascinating to me when we look into the eyes of these little lives we create, and it’s as if they were always yours.

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos001-2

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos005

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos007

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos011

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos001-3

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos018

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos020

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos023

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos025

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos039

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos045

AmieLeighArtistry_S&R_pregnancy photos051






athlete meets artist | rachel & mac engaged

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There’s this couple I know.  They are totally adorable, and totally in love.  Each of them possess crazy talent and ability in their own unique ways.  Rachel has this incredible voice you just never tire of hearing,  and Mac is just this super all star athlete.  He excels at whatever athletic venture he sets out on. Hockey, soccer, running, whatever he tries, he does well.

I’ve known Rachel for a long time, but our friendship has only really began to develop over the past couple years.  Rachel is a worship leader at Innerkip Presbyterian Church.  After hearing part of our love story, Rachel wanted to talk more.  She would come over and hang out in my kitchen as I prepared and fed lunch to the little people making all sorts of noise in the background.  I instantly had this deep desire to walk with them through their journey as they searched their hearts discerning the road before them.  Rachel and Mac set off for Redding, California to spend a year at Bethel Redding.  An incredible time of growth and experience.  They knew then that they couldn’t imagine doing life with anybody else.   He proposed and the wedding planning began!

My husband and Mac are both the baby brother in their families having three older sisters.  I’m convinced that the position of these young men within that unique family dynamic create incredible, strong yet gentle men,  and especially wise when it comes to knowing what a girl needs (or wants).  I see these familiar strengths in Mac when he’s with Rachel.

Marriage.  Less than a month away.  The blending of two lives.  Blending two ways of doing everything.  Not easy.  They say the first five years are the most challenging.  But when the common denominator is love…when your love is rooted in His love…you realize that it’s working through the hard things that make you stronger.  It’s not just about you anymore, it’s about “you” as a couple.  Getting through the blending part starts to become much like two gears working together to make something greater happen.  Nothing will quite prepare you completely for marriage.  But love…having love…will get you through it.

…And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…   Hebrews 12:1

AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos016 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos017 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos032 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos019 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos020 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos021 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos022 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos023 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos024 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos025 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos026 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos027 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos028 AmieLeighArtistry_R&M_EngagementPhotos031 =

karla adolphe – lingering

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I heard her voice for the first time about 7 years ago.  We were newlyweds invited to an event in the Toronto area, where we would be graced with the sweet sweet sounds of Karla Adolphe.  Her voice was like a warm cup of tea (herbal, with lots of honey) for the soul.  When she shares the stories that serve as inspiration behind her songs, it’s nothing less than moving.  You get a glimpse into the heart and soul of Karla.  What moves her.  What makes this girl tick.  She has this incredible ability to tell a story through song.  The lyrics enhance the communication that’s already present with each note that leaves her diaphram.   You just sense and feel the emotion behind each song she sings.

When we purchased our first home, we thought it was a wonderful opportunity to host Karla for a house concert, and have a big housewarming bash.  Karla and her guitar blessed many of our friends and family that day.  More than that, a friendship sprouted up.  Karla and I have remained in touch over the years.  When she’s in the area, she makes the effort to stop by for a visit.  The conversations are deep, memorable and thought-provoking.  I step away from those times pondering all sorts of lovely things.  And somehow, I’m changed.

Karla and her family have had an incredible year.  After setting down roots in High River, Alberta, they were challenged to the core when their lives were devastated by the flood that swallowed their home and their beautiful town.  They have been rebuilding their lives, and their home ever since.  To think that Karla was able to muster up the energy and courage to write, sing, and record after this experience is mind-blowing.  She’s stepping forward, when everything seems to be pushing back.

Download this album!  Support this artist!  Listen in great anticipation of Christmas. In great anticipation of the birth of a King coming forth, when everything seems to be pushing back.  I think you’ll agree that her music is like that warm cup of herbal tea I was talking about.  You’ll come away feeling like you just sat down making wonderful memories with a beautiful friend.  Listen, share, and let me know what you think!

lingering facebook post - download

She knits – cowls

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The Amie Leigh Artistry Etsy Store is now open for business!  I hope to fill it with lots and lots of hand-made items especially for you! It is currently stocked with these gorgeous cowls.  Stop by the shop and have a peek!

People often ask where in the world I find the time to do things like this.  My secret? It’s my therapy at the end of the day.  This is how I unwind.  I make things. And my worries and stresses get casted away with every stitch.

My grandmother is a beautiful knitter.  I remember the elaborate knits she would create for family members.  As a child, I would spend vacations visiting.  We would walk downtown and pick up the supplies we would need to create things together.  I remember sitting on the front porch on a summer day learning to knit… a skill I would pick up again in my twenties, creating gifts for friends and family.  I’m grateful for those memories.  How they calm me.  I’m grateful also for the hours she invested into me as a child.  Skills I could tuck away until I needed them again.






Mango Curry Butternut Squash Soup

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Its “Soup Season” in our home!  There is nothing better than coming home to a hot bowl of delicious home-made soup on a cold rainy day.  It’s especially nice when you can make that soup in 15-20 minutes.  In 5 easy steps you can make your soup and eat it to!

Here is one of our family favourite go-to soup recipes.  You can find printable recipe cards below!

Try it!  And let me know what you think!


Mango Curry Butternut Squash Soup

What you will need:

1 butternut squash

1 onion

1-2 Tbsp Epicure Mango Curry Dip Mix

1 cup prepared Epicure Chicken Bouillon
1 tsp Epicure Roasted Garlic Aioli
Salt & Pepper to taste

Optionally you can add the following items!

I like to start with the basics above and then I can add as I go.

 The following items make this recipe over the top amazing!

1 apple
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup coconut milk (you’ll want to find the canned stuff.  This will give it a rich creamy flavour)

Step 1: Cut butternut squash into small 1 inch cubes.

Step 2: Place squash, onion, and Epicure Mango Curry Dip Mix into Epicure’s Large Silicone Steamer.

AmieLeighArtistry_MangoCurryButternutSquashSoup002 AmieLeighArtistry_MangoCurryButternutSquashSoup003



Step 3: Microwave for 8-10 minutes, stirring contents once.



Step 4: Place steamer contents in blender, Food Processor, or use immersion blender. Add Epicure Chicken Bouillon and Epicure Roasted Garlic Aioli.






Add Salt & Pepper to taste!  My favourite is Epicure 4 pepper blend, and Epicure Chili Garlic Sea Salt


Step 5: Serve & Enjoy!


Mango Curry Epicure Squash Soup 4x6 Recipe Card

maternity | kropf belly

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What’s a “due” date anyways?  Babies rarely arrive on that much anticipated date of arrival.  Some come early, few come right on time, and some (like this one) arrive late.  really late. I mean, don’t they know that the bigger they grow in there, the more uncomfortable we mother’s get carrying them? And sure…they may be all of 8 pounds, but for some reason, we sometimes put on about 50 pounds of cushioning…just to keep them extra safe.  Have you ever tried to carry 5 bags of potatoes around?  That’s a lot of extra work walking up and down stairs, hiking yourself up into your car, trying to do up a seatbelt, or putting socks and shoes on. Oh, and the feet! Apparently feet just need to flatten out and thicken up so the extra 50 pounds has a nice 1 inch foam cushion to walk upon. Don’t they know this?

Today (feel the good vibes Baby Kropf – today is your day), the Kropfs will likely meet their precious bundle.  And suddenly, that baby on the inside, is on the outside.

Parts of you will want to never let go and wish him back in there, and parts of you will be relieved to have him safely in your arms.
Parts of you will feel more exhausted than you ever thought possible, while other parts of you will keep you going when you thought you couldn’t keep going.
Parts of you will start to examine cruelty in the world under a different microscope, while other parts of you will love like you’ve never loved before.
Parts of you will feel unequipped to deal with this itty bitty person you get to bring home, and parts of you will instinctually know precisely what to do. Today you will become a mother and father.

Today you are gifted with great responsibility.  Today you are gifted with love like you never knew you had.  Today your “best” has changed like life depends on it.  Because it does.  Welcome to a new and beautiful chapter of your lives together.  He’s a blessed little boy already!