She knits – cowls

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The Amie Leigh Artistry Etsy Store is now open for business!  I hope to fill it with lots and lots of hand-made items especially for you! It is currently stocked with these gorgeous cowls.  Stop by the shop and have a peek!

People often ask where in the world I find the time to do things like this.  My secret? It’s my therapy at the end of the day.  This is how I unwind.  I make things. And my worries and stresses get casted away with every stitch.

My grandmother is a beautiful knitter.  I remember the elaborate knits she would create for family members.  As a child, I would spend vacations visiting.  We would walk downtown and pick up the supplies we would need to create things together.  I remember sitting on the front porch on a summer day learning to knit… a skill I would pick up again in my twenties, creating gifts for friends and family.  I’m grateful for those memories.  How they calm me.  I’m grateful also for the hours she invested into me as a child.  Skills I could tuck away until I needed them again.






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