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There’s this couple I know.  They are totally adorable, and totally in love.  Each of them possess crazy talent and ability in their own unique ways.  Rachel has this incredible voice you just never tire of hearing,  and Mac is just this super all star athlete.  He excels at whatever athletic venture he sets out on. Hockey, soccer, running, whatever he tries, he does well.

I’ve known Rachel for a long time, but our friendship has only really began to develop over the past couple years.  Rachel is a worship leader at Innerkip Presbyterian Church.  After hearing part of our love story, Rachel wanted to talk more.  She would come over and hang out in my kitchen as I prepared and fed lunch to the little people making all sorts of noise in the background.  I instantly had this deep desire to walk with them through their journey as they searched their hearts discerning the road before them.  Rachel and Mac set off for Redding, California to spend a year at Bethel Redding.  An incredible time of growth and experience.  They knew then that they couldn’t imagine doing life with anybody else.   He proposed and the wedding planning began!

My husband and Mac are both the baby brother in their families having three older sisters.  I’m convinced that the position of these young men within that unique family dynamic create incredible, strong yet gentle men,  and especially wise when it comes to knowing what a girl needs (or wants).  I see these familiar strengths in Mac when he’s with Rachel.

Marriage.  Less than a month away.  The blending of two lives.  Blending two ways of doing everything.  Not easy.  They say the first five years are the most challenging.  But when the common denominator is love…when your love is rooted in His love…you realize that it’s working through the hard things that make you stronger.  It’s not just about you anymore, it’s about “you” as a couple.  Getting through the blending part starts to become much like two gears working together to make something greater happen.  Nothing will quite prepare you completely for marriage.  But love…having love…will get you through it.

…And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…   Hebrews 12:1

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