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I heard her voice for the first time about 7 years ago.  We were newlyweds invited to an event in the Toronto area, where we would be graced with the sweet sweet sounds of Karla Adolphe.  Her voice was like a warm cup of tea (herbal, with lots of honey) for the soul.  When she shares the stories that serve as inspiration behind her songs, it’s nothing less than moving.  You get a glimpse into the heart and soul of Karla.  What moves her.  What makes this girl tick.  She has this incredible ability to tell a story through song.  The lyrics enhance the communication that’s already present with each note that leaves her diaphram.   You just sense and feel the emotion behind each song she sings.

When we purchased our first home, we thought it was a wonderful opportunity to host Karla for a house concert, and have a big housewarming bash.  Karla and her guitar blessed many of our friends and family that day.  More than that, a friendship sprouted up.  Karla and I have remained in touch over the years.  When she’s in the area, she makes the effort to stop by for a visit.  The conversations are deep, memorable and thought-provoking.  I step away from those times pondering all sorts of lovely things.  And somehow, I’m changed.

Karla and her family have had an incredible year.  After setting down roots in High River, Alberta, they were challenged to the core when their lives were devastated by the flood that swallowed their home and their beautiful town.  They have been rebuilding their lives, and their home ever since.  To think that Karla was able to muster up the energy and courage to write, sing, and record after this experience is mind-blowing.  She’s stepping forward, when everything seems to be pushing back.

Download this album!  Support this artist!  Listen in great anticipation of Christmas. In great anticipation of the birth of a King coming forth, when everything seems to be pushing back.  I think you’ll agree that her music is like that warm cup of herbal tea I was talking about.  You’ll come away feeling like you just sat down making wonderful memories with a beautiful friend.  Listen, share, and let me know what you think!

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