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It’s looking a little wintery outside.  So let’s remember a short time ago when everything was green and full of life!

I had the great privilege and honour to meet this beautiful couple about 7 years ago, when my soon-to-be husband was introducing me to all of his meaningful friends.  Seth and Jayden met in Bible School at Capenwray Harbour about a decade ago.  He shared with me how Seth had this crazy plan to make Renae “his”.  It included a first date in the city complete with a horse-drawn carriage.  While his friends at school thought he was crazy for spending his life savings on a first date, his plan worked.  Seth knew Renae was worth it, and Renae knew she had her prince charming.

Fast forward about a decade, and this gorgeous couple are happily married and expecting their first baby.  I was delighted when Renae contacted me about capturing this time in their lives.  It’s so wonderful when time can pass between friends, and when you re-connect, it’s like no time has gone by at all.

These two have since welcomed there gorgeous prince charming into their lives!  And as I imagine, can’t imagine life without him.  It’s fascinating to me when we look into the eyes of these little lives we create, and it’s as if they were always yours.

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maternity | kropf belly

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What’s a “due” date anyways?  Babies rarely arrive on that much anticipated date of arrival.  Some come early, few come right on time, and some (like this one) arrive late.  really late. I mean, don’t they know that the bigger they grow in there, the more uncomfortable we mother’s get carrying them? And sure…they may be all of 8 pounds, but for some reason, we sometimes put on about 50 pounds of cushioning…just to keep them extra safe.  Have you ever tried to carry 5 bags of potatoes around?  That’s a lot of extra work walking up and down stairs, hiking yourself up into your car, trying to do up a seatbelt, or putting socks and shoes on. Oh, and the feet! Apparently feet just need to flatten out and thicken up so the extra 50 pounds has a nice 1 inch foam cushion to walk upon. Don’t they know this?

Today (feel the good vibes Baby Kropf – today is your day), the Kropfs will likely meet their precious bundle.  And suddenly, that baby on the inside, is on the outside.

Parts of you will want to never let go and wish him back in there, and parts of you will be relieved to have him safely in your arms.
Parts of you will feel more exhausted than you ever thought possible, while other parts of you will keep you going when you thought you couldn’t keep going.
Parts of you will start to examine cruelty in the world under a different microscope, while other parts of you will love like you’ve never loved before.
Parts of you will feel unequipped to deal with this itty bitty person you get to bring home, and parts of you will instinctually know precisely what to do. Today you will become a mother and father.

Today you are gifted with great responsibility.  Today you are gifted with love like you never knew you had.  Today your “best” has changed like life depends on it.  Because it does.  Welcome to a new and beautiful chapter of your lives together.  He’s a blessed little boy already!





asa jude

My greatest fear when bringing new life into the world has been this: Will I have enough love to spread out one more time?

When it was just J and I, I couldn’t imagine spreading my love any thinner.  And then I fell in love with JonasJayce.  Then FinnAsher was born, and again, my love just grew!  How could I doubt the same wouldn’t happen again?

It happened!  I love him just as much as the others!  I introduce to you, AsaJude.

Asa means “Healer” (Asa is also a King in the bible who pleased the Lord)

Jude means “Praise”

We had his name picked out for months, but were waiting to see if something else would jump out at us.  Nothing else did.  Friends shared this song with us when they heard we were considering the name.  I was sold.

Asa, you make our hearts leap with joy! I love you, and commit to giving you my best!






“Asa” by Bry Webb – Provider