Life is full of opportunities to live and grow and become a better person.  Every day is an opportunity to wake up and decide to make the choice to be better than the day before. Easier said than done, I admit, but it’s truth.  If I could be brutally honest with you, without Christ and the everyday miracles and gifts of grace I’m so graciously given time and time again, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I seriously wouldn’t know how to put one foot in front of the other. It’s day by day that my roles as wife, mother, creator, and servant shape me and challenge me to live in His love and grace. 971593_10151901555401454_1673054364_n My husband calls me “wife”. I’m a wife on a mission to strengthen what I have with my main squeeze.  Marriage is tough.  Seriously though.  Before we marry, there should be some sort of course…with a test at the end. I can pretty much guarantee that the blending of two lives is not as easy as you expect.  There will be differences.  If you are equipped to face those differences with some essential tools in your back pocket, you will love more deeply, you will weather the storms, and you will provide an amazing example for your future generations.  You will create a legacy.  You will find some of the tools from my “healthy marriage toolbox” here.  544684_10151568801520357_291924765_n189497_10153027571695357_103218361_nASAJUDE_039hc My babies call me “Momma”.  I’m a mom on a mission to be the best mom I can be. To provide my children with love, tenderness, compassion, and life lessons through day to day life.  Parenting is the most DIFFICULT and REWARDING job I have ever had.  Some days I’m extremely thankful we made it to the end of the day and are all in bed alive safe and sound.  Other days I feel like supermom for all I have accomplished in a day.  I hope you find encouragement in parenting through some of my experiences here. 543991_10152384979385357_1464422954_n My sister in laws call me “Artsy Fartsy”. I’m an artist.  I’m pretty sure I was born to create!  I bet as an infant I just couldn’t wait till my hands could do all I wanted them to do!  My artsy fartsy resume includes woodworking, pottery, knitting, painting, sewing, design and photography.  I’ve been a photographer capturing weddings, new life, families, and portraits for 7 years now.  You can find my most recent work here! 1948075_10154047871155357_6649002365783140500_n My mother in law thinks I’m “A Gourmet Chef”. I love to create in the kitchen. While J finds therapy cutting the lawn, working in the gardens, and doing dishes (I know, I know…I lucked out), I find my therapy making a big giant mess cooking and baking in the kitchen.  J gave me a recipe box one year for Christmas, and since then it’s filled up with laminated (yes…I laminate them) recipe cards with my most coveted recipes!  You’ll find some of my most favourite recipes here.  About 5 years ago, I began my own Epicure Business which has helped make my every day gourmet!  I love providing others with a healthy alternative and quick and easy meal solutions.  Life can be so busy!  But when you can throw together a home-cooked meal AND dessert in 15 minutes or less, it’s a job well done! And Good Enough To Eat!  A (2) God calls me his “Beloved”. (Song of Songs 2:16)  My life’s journey is discovering and uncovering all the ways He loves me.  There’s still quite a bit of dirt to dust off this life of mine, but His faithfulness “Beautiful Things” by Gungor

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  • Amelia
    August 29, 2014

    Love this beautiful site! Congratulations Amie. xo

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